Christmas Wish

Christmas Wish

As we enter the Christmas season, many of us are caught up in the hustle and bustle of wish lists, shopping, baking, attending parties or family gatherings, wrapping presents, and shoveling snow (depending on where you live!). Some of you reading this blog may already have a house full of children while others are eagerly awaiting the adoption of your first child and look forward to celebrating your first Christmas together.

I find that the older I get I really can’t come up with a tangible item that I “want” for Christmas; instead, I just want my family together around me and I look forward to experiencing the magic of Christmas through my own children’s eyes. The fact that I can’t articulate a physical item on my wish list, however, drives my kids bananas. They have begged me to please come up with at least one thing. While I’d be just as happy with a hand-made card, I understand and want to respect their desire to reciprocate. So, as I was thinking about my wish list this year I began to ponder all the things that adoptive families often wish for, as well.

For example, you may be wishing for a chubby baby to cuddle and kiss, or you may be wishing for the last Invitro treatment to end. You may be wishing and praying for the child you’re already been matched with but haven’t yet adopted, or you could be wishing for the moment when you get to see your adopted child’s face for the very first time and hold his/her hand. You may be wishing thoughts of hope and compassion for a birthmother who is struggling and you may be wishing for your adoption social worker to stop asking you so many questions!! Truthfully, you are probably wishing for the waiting to end and for your life with kids to just begin. I think we all wish that children everywhere would find loving homes where they will be nourished, nurtured and held every day of the year.

Whatever your wish this holiday season, I suggest you write it down, pray about it, tell your close friends and family about it, guard it in your heart until it comes to pass. Someday you will share that story with your adopted child and he or she will know they are the beautiful result of your Christmas wish.

Adoption Matters wishes you and yours all the best this Christmas season and we look forward to another exciting year of working together. Merry Christmas!


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