Capacity to Love

Capacity to Love

Last week I had the amazing privilege of going to Buenos Aires, Argentina as part of a mission’s trip with my church. The purpose of this trip was to visit an orphanage that we help to support there. We took 15 huge suitcases full of donations and supplies and spent the week playing and doing projects with the kids, interacting with the staff of women who have dedicated their lives to these children, and creating memories that will be carried with all of us for a lifetime. While many different types of service oriented groups like ours often carry out construction projects or set up health clinics to help meet the needs of the local population, our intent was to fill these kids up with love, affection, laughter, and lots of play. While the goal may not sound ambitious to some, I can honestly say it was the most important.

Now that I have returned home, I find myself pondering this experience and the things I’ve learned. Although I believe strongly in the value of international travel and exposure to other people, places, customs, and cultures, I also believe it is incumbent upon us to do something with these experiences once we come back home. While America may appear to be the “land of plenty” (and in many ways, it is), the truth remains that we have scores of children right here within our own borders who need love and attention, mentoring and compassion.

I realize we can’t all go on a trip like this one and not everyone has the desire to do so. If you are reading this blog right now, however, you obviously have some connection or interest in adoption. Whether your motives to adopt are based upon infertility or pure philanthropy, something within you is compelled to choose this unique alternative to building your family. As you continue to research adoption and figure out the best method for pursuing that option, please take a moment to reflect on all you have to offer a child who, for some reason, needs an adoptive home.

The reasons for making an adoption plan are as varied as the children and families who find themselves linked together; however, the needs of these kiddos, whether here in the United States or abroad, are pretty much the same: At the core of every one is a need for security, affirmation, love, affection, and kindness. Those of us who possess the capacity to provide these critical elements of nurturing may find ourselves volunteering as mentors, providing respite foster care, applying to become foster parents, or even adopting. Whatever path you may choose, please keep Adoption Matters, Inc. in mind as a wonderful adoption resource. We would love to answer any adoption-related questions you may have and to serve you in this exciting journey.


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