Adoption and Christmas

Celebrating Adoption


With Christmas just around the corner, many of us are pulling out the boxes of ornaments from the attic and singing along to carols on the radio. Perhaps you have children or are in the process of adopting now, but I’m guessing you probably already have some traditions of your own to help celebrate the holiday season. Whether it’s an heirloom decoration or a secretly guarded cookie recipe passed down through the generations or reading the same Christmas story aloud each year, I find that most people cherish this marking of the Christmas season. The reasons for continuing these time-honored traditions are multifold, but among the most basic is our desire to celebrate something that is meaningful to us in a way that is also unique to us.

When it comes to celebrating adoption, there are many ways to acknowledge the day your adopted child(ren) joined your family, as well. Some adoption agencies host an annual adoption picnic, for example, and invite all members of the adoption triad to participate. Those of you who are crafty may create “life books,” including pictures and stories of how your adopted child came to be a part of the family. Other ideas are having a special “gotcha day” celebration, which sometimes includes cake or a special dinner, but is more about recognizing the day your adopted son or daughter came home with you. Still others plan a special trip to the home country or city of their adopted child, as a means of connecting with the adoptee’s heritage and honoring their ethnic and cultural roots.

However you and your family choose to celebrate Christmas this year, we hope that the season is full of joy and blessings for all. We also hope that you continue to celebrate your child’s adoption in ways that are loving and affirming of this most special means of creating a family. Merry Christmas!